Ohoskin lowest impacting material - Moea shoes

How is Ohoskin’s impact compared to other plant-based alternatives?

MoEa measured the carbon footprint of plant-based materials. Ohoskin impact is the lowest among all of them

One of the best things about collaborating with brands with our vision is that you can share test results and information.

Ganni, for example, performed a comparative test on Ohoskin-made footwear, whose results show that Ohoskin performs better than leather on shoes and boots.

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A more recent collaboration, however, gave us an incredible insight into our sustainability rate: the partnership with MoEa, the French vegan sneakers brand.

MoEa measured the impact of each plant-based material they use, allowing everyone, including us, to discover that Ohoskin’s impact is the lowest among plant-based materials.

About MoEa

The name stands for Mother Earth, the most crucial concern for the Paris-based brand’s design and production of their vegan sneakers.

Their goal is to revolutionize the fashion industry by providing the same quality and style of leather-made items without the downsides of environmental impact and animal welfare.

These are the same values we imbued in our material from oranges, cacti, and recycled plastic. We made Ohoskin plant-based, durable, vegan, and low-emissions material.

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The fruit of this collaboration is a pair of Sneakers made with OrangeSkin, Ohoskin’s special version, made exclusively with Sicilian blood oranges. This kind of orange owes its color to the volcanic soil it grows on.

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The impact of the plant-based materials: how is Ohoskin’s?

With Ohoskin, MoEa also shares with us the conviction that transparency is crucial. For this reason, it released an analysis of the CO2 emissions per square meter of each plant-based leather alternative it uses.

Graph found on moea.io

Of course, they are incredible results. Leather can emit up to 110 kgs of CO2, while PU produces 15.8.

But, how does our material perform?

We measured our impact and the result is 2.57, making Ohoskin the lowest-impacting bio-based leather alternative available.

It is a result we are immensely proud of. It took us courage and research to invest in a different, circular formula with byproducts from agriculture and recycled PVC. Our choices enhanced our material’s resistance and. sustainability, as MoEa’s data shows.

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