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The company

Ohoskin is a startup founded in 2019 by Adriana Santanocito, an entrepreneur who graduated in fashion design, majoring in sustainable textiles, and the owner of two patents. With her, Roberto Merighi, an entrepreneur and chemist who registered six patents in biotechnological pharmaceutics and new materials, co-founded the startup. The rest of the team comprises young, determined, and advisors with several decades of experience.

Yes, Ohoskin is protected by a national patent extended into an International PCT in 2020.

Ohoskin is 100% Made in Italy. Thanks to the partnerships we established with solid Italian companies, we managed to keep our supply and production chains in our country. This way, we can control our supply chain and keep it transparent. We process our raw materials (oranges and cactus paddles) in Sicily, while Novartiplast Italia SpA, in Lombardy, is in charge of making the final product.

  1. With our partners, we select and process the suitable industrial byproducts of oranges and cacti from the food and cosmetic industry in Sicily.

  2. We transform the byproducts in a liquid bio-polymer that our industrial partners will use as a coating on a textile support.

  3. The results is Ohoskin, an internationally patentend leather alternative that is perfect for the conscious luxury brands in the furniture, automotive and fashion industries.

Yes, it is. Ohoskin can be produced in large quantities and address the industrial demand. In 2020, we validated the industrial scale-up sealing deals with our suppliers. In this way, we could start our industrial-scale production from the beginning. In 2021, we set up our Made in Italy supply chain and started the production of our first version of Ohoskin.

Our supply chain is 100% Made in Italy, transparent and certified in blockchain. All brands using Ohoskin will receive a communication kit containing a QRCode to be applied to their product. With a simple smartphone scan, the digital passport with the history of our innovative material will open.

We are ISO 9001:2015 certified. Also, we are REACH and PROP65 compliant, we are phthalate-free, and we obtained the VVV+ Animal Free Fashion Label by the Anti-Vivisection League. In addition, we certified our Bio-Based percentage with a C14 analysis. What is more, our non-fossil plastic material is certified by the Roundtable for Sustainable Biomaterials.
Ohoskin is also certified to comply with the UN’s 2030 Agenda’s SDGs. Finally, we are working to measure our carbon footprint and to take action to compensate it. Results will come by the end of 2022.

We only use the byproducts of organic-grown oranges and cacti from the cosmetic and food industry. Until now, they had to be disposed of with high environmental and economic costs. With our process, a byproduct of some industry becomes a raw material for another. In this way, we give it a new value, generating profit for each player in the production chain, and relieving the land from yet another waste.

In the meantime, we help companies to reduce their organic footprint and their waste impact and thus to reach their sustainability and cruelty-free goals. Our composition is going to be enriched by another vegetal, Sicilian ingredient. Keep yourself updated on our NEWS on line on line to find out what it is.

We’ll be happy to answer your questions! Write to us with your questions at press@ohoskin.com, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

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Product and Sustanability

Ohoskin is a Sicilian orange and cactus-based coated textile bio-based material It has the feeling of high-quality animal leather but it is vegan and 100% plant-based and non-fossil. Thanks to its durability, it is ideal for the most conscious, prestigious brands in the fashion, automotive, and interior design industries.

Because they are the most representative fruits of our land, Sicily, and the 1,4 million tons yearly of their byproducts represent a monetary and environmental cost for the island’s economy. So, by making a sustainable and vegan material out of them, we wanted to give new life to them, to help our motherland and the entire planet. Also, Cacti are resistant to high temperatures and consume very little water, so it’s one of the most sustainable cultivations available. Our composition is going to be enriched by another vegetal, Sicilian ingredient. Keep yourself updated on our NEWS to find out what it is.

There are five different compositions of our leather alternative from oranges and cacti. All our versions are all 70% non-fossil, and each is suitable for fashion, automotive, furniture and nautical applications. 

This is the composition of our most requested product, OA21:

  • 20% GOTS-certified organic cotton
  • 80% plant-based bio-polymer from orange and cactus. Recycled plastic.

Contact us sales@ohoskin.com and tell us about your project, we will be happy to reccommend the version that best suits your needs.

Ohoskin is sustainable in many ways. It does not require new crops, because we use the vegetal waste outside the food chain. Our main ingredient is 100% bio-based and 100% biodegradable. Also, we employ the most sustainable components and processes. To learn more, read this article.

Our best-stelling version boasts a 32% of bio-based components, certified by an independent C14 analysis.

Yes, it is. No animal is involved in its production at any time. Ohoskin does not use any animal-derived materials, so that the Anti-vivisection league has awarded us with the Animal-Free Label with the highest ranking of VVV+.

Yes, it is. We performed several tests, measuring Ohoskin’s resistance to abrasion, heat, light exposure, and humidity. It can last for 10 to 20 years. ask us for our technical sheet to learn more about the tests we made and how Ohoskin performed.

Ohoskin, has all the physical and chemical tests which are generally asked in the fashion accessories (bags and shoes), automotive, furniture, nautical. In its various configurations, it has proved to be suitable. These tests have proven the our quality is exceeding the industry average expectations. Contact us sales@ohoskin.com to discuss your project if you need a special feature.

Buying Ohoskin

You can order samples up to 5 linear meters (1.40 x 1 meter each) on our online shop. For larger orders, contact us at sales@ohoskin.com

Yes, it is. On request, we can produce Ohoskin with any color, texture, or backing textile. We’ll only need the pantone and/or a sample from you side. Once we got them, we’ll need 7 to 10 days to test each color or backing. You can send your request to sales@ohoskin.com

For stock colors, the MOQ is 200 linear meters (1.40 x 1 m each). For customized color/texture/backing combinations, the MOQ is 500 linear meters. Please reach us out at sales@ohoskin.com to find out more.

Each production phase is designed to optimize costs and keep emissions to the minimum. For this reason, to start production for less than 500 meters each time would make a huge difference for the product’s cost and impact. However, for the most required combinations of color, backing, and texture, we can provide quantities smaller than 500 linear meters most of the time. This does not apply to requests for customized materials. Contact us at sales@ohoskin.com

The starting price is €30 per linear meter (1.40 m x 1m). However, being our production industrially optimized, the price decreases in large quantities.

Contact us on sales@ohoskin.com for a customized quote.

Usually, we got stock of the most required colors and textures. Orange and black are available most of the time. Contact us at sales@ohoskin.com to know current availability.

After your order has been processed, Ohoskin will be produced and can be shipped in one month. The delivery time varies according to the destination and the mode of transport chosen by the customer. Purchases of samples from our shop on line or for colors in stock take two weeks from the order.

Yes, we can. Thanks to the agreements we have wit our industrial partners and provide our clients with our several thousand meters each month. Also, we don’t expect shortages of raw materials, since Italy is Europe’s second-largest orange producer, and Sicily’s 60% of production. For barbary fig’s cactus, Italy is the world’s third-largest producer, and 85% of its production comes from our island.

Of course! We ship from Italy with DHL, UPS, SDA, and BRT. Any extra tax or customs fee will be charged to you by your local authority. It is something we don’t control.

Unfortunately, we cannot process student requests at the moment. However, you can always buy a sample on our online shop.





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