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Ohoskin-made gifts: a guide to a sustainable fashion Christmas present

Whether you want something to put under the Christmas tree for that vegan, environmentally conscious person or treat yourself with an innovative and beautiful accessory, you can now add something made in Italy.

Starting earlier this year, several bags and shoes made with Ohoskin entered physical and online stores worldwide with the new luxury allure that the next-generation leather alternative brings.

With its unique formulation, comprised of byproducts of oranges and cacti from Sicilian agriculture and recycled plastic, Ohoskin is a material that marries the sustainability that comes from the circular economy and the cutting of carbon emissions with superior performance and a luxury feeling.

Ohoskin is the perfect solution to be part of a positive change for the planet without giving up on quality and luxury allure, and Christmas is the ideal time to start this change with what we buy.

In this article, we chose only a few among the many collaborations we started in 2023, so let us dive into this guide to Ohoskin-made Christmas presents!

Bags made with Ohoskin

Bags have always been more than just an accessory. They are a statement. They are a way to carry your personality and beliefs along with your items. So, why not choose a bag that tells volumes about your commitment to the environment and beauty?

Ganni’s Bou Bag

The icon bag by the fashion brand from Copenhagen is the result of a year-long collaboration to find the perfect material for Ganni’s Fabrics of the Future initiative to phase out virgin leather by the end of 2023.

The Bou Bag was presented during last February’s Copenhagen Fashion Week and has been featured in British Vogue. The magazine, quoting Ganni’s Creative Director Ditte Refstrup, defines Ohoskin’s material from byproducts of oranges and cacti in a flattering fashion.

“Our sourcing team did a test on us, and it was very difficult to see [it wasn’t] real leather – many people can’t tell the difference.” Durability was another big factor: the team did a wear test with Ohoskin and found that it performed just as well, and in some cases better, than conventional leather.

To make the Bou Bag, Ganni chose our OB22. With GRS-certified recycled leather, this material grants resistance and workability in the most articulate details.

The Bou Bag has been designed to be today’s everyday bag, which combines fresh elegance, usability, and that unique Scandinavian style of minimalism and allure, as another article from Vogue points out.

Sales have been great. Even though it has a higher price tag, consumers chose the Ohoskin-made Bou Bag (available only in black) over the most affordable one made with animal leather.

[Get yours before it goes sold out on Ganni’s website.


Vestella is an Italian, ethical fashion brand founded and led by a couple who decided to create environmentally conscious bags during COVID-19. A walk in the woods made them realize how precious and fragile the environment is. With Vestella, it has been love at first sight. Valeria and Marco, the founders, were looking for a material that would allow them to bestow on their bags an elegant attire without sacrificing sustainability, which is the mission of Ohoskin.

Vestella, which made every element of their supply chain transparent (as Ohoskin does), created two bags with our material with a plant-based polymer and recycled plastic.

Welly, a bag inspired by Italian landscapes and nature, features clean lines and sober attire and comes in colors that remind of Ohoskin’s Sicilian origins: Orange, Lava Red, and Etna Black.

Buy Welly on Vestella.

Joy is a tote bag with functionality in mind. Designed to be carried every day and to adapt to every situation, adds a touch of happiness to your daily routine because it comes in orange and magenta. Black is also available.

Buy Joy on Vestella.

Monica Zuccheri

Monica Zuccheri is a designer who takes inspiration from the Greek Eye 🧿, an ever-present symbol all over the Balkans and Turkey, too.

The symbol carries a complex meaning and, far from limiting itself to guarding the wearers from bad luck, it also gives them the power to overcome adversities.

The bags join our plant-based coated textile with other natural materials for a unique style.

There are different bags that Monica made with Ohoskin, each with a different allure. Go discover them in Monica’s physical store or online.


ClaireChance is an Italian Brand that aims to empower every woman with a style that embodies their character and allows them to declare their values and essence. As their manifesto claims: “The chance to live better, elevate your style and #BeUnashamed of who you are.”

ClaireChance created an entire line of Ohoskin-made bags, the Giò collection, which is available on their website.

Shoes made with Ohoskin

In your journey to a better world, you are going to need a good pair of shoes, sneakers, or boots. And to go far, they need to be resistant. This is why we designed Ohoskin to be durable rather than degradable.

And Ohoskin’s performances on footwear have been proved by tests, in which our material outperformed animal leather. To know more about them, contact us at sales@ohoskin.com

Ganni’s Cleated Mid Chelsea Boots

Right after making the Bou Bag, the story of the Ohoskin x Ganni collab enriched itself with a new chapter.

Made with our OA21 with a GOTS-certified organic cotton backing, these boots have been thoroughly tested by Ganni to assure their clients the right resistance. And Ohoskin proved itself to be more resistant than animal leather, for a quality pair of boots. For what concerns style, it’s all Ganni. Contemporary, yet classic.

The boots are almost sold out, get your pair on Ganni’s website before it’s too late!

MoEa’s Orange Sneakers

Back to the future! We present the Ohoskin x MoEa sneakers made with our orange and cactus-based material.

MoEa, which stands for “Mother Earth”, is a responsible French fashion brand. They aim to create high-end sneakers out of recycled and organic materials. They used Ohoskin to make a pair of orange and white sneakers with an 80’s look.

Ohoskin x MoEa is the perfect example of what we look for in a collab: sharing values. Like us, MoEa seeks to design beautiful and innovative products that can deliver style and environmental responsibility.

You can buy either Gen1 or Gen2 Ohoskin sneakers on MoEa’s online shop.

Nat-2’s Sneakers

The one with Nat-2 is one of the very first collaborations we started. The German brand is very serious about sustainability, next-gen materials, and research. They started experimenting with bio-based, circular materials when it wasn’t a thing yet. They found and contacted us when we were at the very start and did a lot of testing. The result is two sleek pairs of sneakers, one in black and cactus green, one in orange.

You can get them on Coilex, their concept store inside Nymphenburg Castle in Munich (you’ll have to book an appointment). Also, you can visit its website.

Both the Orange and Cactus/Black sneakers are currently sold out, so check regularly to see when they’ll restock.

What will you choose?

Whatever item you choose as a gift, you’ll make a statement of your commitment. To the environment and a new luxury that benefits everyone through technology and beauty.

Again, this is only a fraction of the collaborations we’ve started this year. All of them are the result of a year of hard work to create the perfect, sustainable material for the new generation. Someone would call it “market traction”. For us, is much, much more.

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