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Ohoskin is at SINAS* Museum

Fashion vs sustainability vs greenwashing

Fashion and sustainability seem to be two incompatible worlds.

The fashion industry is worth three thousand billion dollars. It means that the sector totals 2% of the entire planet’s GDP.

And its value is going to blow up

But the fashion industry is also one of the most polluting. Also, it generates social inequalities and worker’s exploitation. And the rubbles of Dacca’s Rana Plaza are there as a warning. 

They are all numbers and facts that are changing our buying habits. Or we hope they would. Many people are now aware of the industry’s unsustainability. As a result, some of us are starting to feel guilty when shopping.

And, most important, we feel lost because we want our purchases to be sustainable. But, what are brands doing about it? Often, too little.

Many Maisons and large-scale distribution have noted the rising interest among consumers in a sustainable fashion. But, unfortunately, they’re using it to do some greenwashing. That means proclaiming an environmental commitment with many words and few actions.

Like if sustainability was a spot.

What is SINAS* museum?

It is the concept the designer Alessandro Federico-Veca explores in its SINAS* virtual museum. What is more, the European Commission selected the museum as a partner for 2021’s European Green Week.

SINAS stands for “Sustainability is not a spot,” with an asterisk that suggests the many things sustainability could be and is, thanks to designers and entrepreneurs that are committed to a fashion that takes care of the people and the planet.

There are many stories and people in Alessandro’s virtual museum. It is a path that begins with the awareness that fashion could be much more than a problem. With its economic weight and power to influence people and society, it can become the engine for a shift in paradigms and the planet’s healing.

The ambassadors of this new fashion are in SINAS Museum. And Ohoskin is one of them.

What we do for a sustainable fashion

We are committed to creating a material alternative to leather that is bio-based, vegan, and does not release harmful chemical components such as chrome. Also, we employ a production process that is carbon neutral, because it does not require massive farming. Finally, it doesn’t produce any waste. On the contrary, we transform the byproducts of oranges and cacti from the food and cosmetic industries.

And this is what we do. This is our commitment. This is our real contribution to a more sustainable fashion and to a better world.

We are thrilled to be invited and proud to tell our story. 

Visit us on the SINAS website!

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