Ohoskin Eni awards: Adriana Santanocito with Sergio Mattarella, Claudio Descalzi, Giuseppe Zafarana

Ohoskin awarded by the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella as part of the Eni Awards 2023

Last October, at the Quirnale Palace, the president of the Italian Republic Sergio Mattarella awarded Ohoskin with the ENI Joule for entrepreneurship special mention for its innovation and commitment towards sustainability.

Rome, 16 October 2023. ENI, through its School for Entrepreneurship Joule, awarded three startups with the Eni Joule for Entrepreneurship Special Mention, for having distinguished themselves for the innovativeness and sustainability of their entrepreneurial projects. 

This year, for the fifteenth edition, ENI granted the prize to Ohoskin, Reco2, and 20Energy. The Quirinale Palace, the official residence of the President of the Italian Republic, hosted the ENI Awards ceremony.

The president of the Italian Republic Sergio Mattarella held the ceremony. With him, there were the ENI CEO Claudio Descalzi and the Chairman of the Board of Directors Giuseppe Zafarana.

Ohoskin awarded for its circular solution

The jury awarded Ohoskin for its circular solution. Ohoskin, in fact, gives new life to by-products of oranges and cacti, and recycled plastic.

Ohoskin uses these by-products as ingredients to create a new generation, Italian fabric alternative to leather. Its performances and tactile sensations make it ideal for the fashion, furniture, and automotive industries. 

Why are ENI Awards important?

The ENI Award ceremony at Quirinale

The award reached its fifteenth edition and become one the most important for energy and environmental research globally. The winners were decided by a scientific commission made up of scientists from the world’s most advanced research institutes and, over the years, has seen the participation of six Nobel Prize winners, including the 1987 Nobel Prize in Chemistry Jean-Marie Lehn.

Our co-founder and CTO Roberto Merighi with the Nobel Prize Winner Jean-Marie Lehn

The day of 16 October is the culmination of a continuing journey that has seen ENI supporting Ohoskin’s development. “

We are excited about receiving such important recognition for our work from the hands of the President of the Republic. It is gratifying to know that such an honorable technical jury appreciated our innovation. We are happy to be part of the network that the Italian multinational energy company has created to lead the country and its companies towards a future of development in harmony with the planet. With our innovation, we contribute to this ambitious common goal” 

Adriana Santanocito, CEO and co-founder of Ohoskin.

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