Ohoskin at Milan Design Week

Ohoskin showcased at Milan Design Week

The week we made it real.

At last, Ohoskin made its debut. And it did it in the best place we could ever dream of. Milan’s Design Week!

It has been more than a year since the first time we talked about Ohoskin to the public online. Surely, we perceived the enthusiasm in our audience’s voices and faces. But Ohoskin is something you need to touch, see, and feel. And that’s what we finally managed to do. In the right place, at the right time.

We showcased Ohoskin at Milano Design Week! We admit we were pretty excited when we got on the plane with the swatch books in our bags. Want to see and buy one of them?

What is Milano Design Week?

More than an exhibit, it’s a week (September 4th-10th this year) in which the districts of Milan become immense showcases of materials, ideas, and innovations around design. Walking around the city’s streets was amazing and inspiring. It was like being part of a collective, creative mind.

In every corner of the city, you could find art installations, conceptual villages, innovative artifacts, panels, and innovative materials.

For our part, we showcased our material at Materially’s Materials Village at Superstudio Più. Also, we talked at the Design Tech event on open innovation at Plug and Play’s HQ.

Ohoskin at Materials Villate
Ohoskin showcased ad Materials Village

Ohoskin at Materials Village’s WastEnders showcase.

Material Village was an exhibit hosted by Materially, a company supporting brands in the transaction towards new, sustainable materials.

The exhibit explored the topic of the transformation of the spaces we live through materials.

We showcased Ohoskin within the WastEnders section, dedicated to startups that created new, sustainable materials giving new life to byproducts from other industries. It was great seeing people stopping by our showcase, touching our orange and cactus leather alternative, and joining our newsletter.

30,000 people visited the exhibit. Many others followed us online.

Ohoskin Interview at Materials Village
Ohoskin’s CMO Sara Parisi Interviewed by Materially’s Executive Director Anna Pellizzari. You can watch the interview on Facebook.

Ohoskin at DesignTech

On September 9th, we were hosted at PlugandPlay‘s brand new headquarters in Milan for DesignTech’s event on Open Innovation.

DesignTech is an innovation hub focused on the design and furniture industry that aims to bring together innovators and industry giants to change the sector.

Surely, we are grateful to PlugAndPlay Motor Valley Accelerator for the invitation. Among the ten startups accelerated, we’re the ones whose product is ideal in the automotive industry and fashion and furniture.

Veteran journalist and startup expert Emil Abirascid interviewed our Head of Communication, Alessandro. They discussed our orange and cactus leather alternative and the role that open innovation played in our scale-up. It is critical because we could never produce our material at an industrial scale without sealing industrial partnerships first.

It was great to come back to live events, and Milan was radiant. So we look forward to coming back, and that’s what we’re going to do on October 12-13. We’ll be at SMAU. See you there!

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