Ohoskin at Lineapelle

Ohoskin at Lineapelle 2022

What is Lineapelle?

This February 2022, Ohoskin presented its product at Lineapelle. It is an international exhibition of leathers, accessories, components, fabrics, synthetics, and models. This global trade fair exhibits around 1200 companies from over 40 countries. They all highlighted the beauty, quality, versatility, fashion, and glamour of leather from all parts of the world. In addition to these exhibits, Lineapelle hosts the Trend Area. There, visitors could find the latest and upcoming movements in fashion. Furthermore, MIPEL Lab put on a showcase dedicated to high-quality leather goods sourcing and alternative materials.

How Ohoskin fared at Lineapelle?

Among these, in Hall 9, there was Ohoskin. The first sustainable, Made in Italy, vegan, orange and cactus leather alternative. Our industrial partners, Novartiplast Italia s.p.a., hosted us in their boot. As a result, visitors had the opportunity to discover Ohoskin’s mission. And also the process that fuels a circular economy. We showed the entire process, from the industrial byproducts of Sicilian oranges and cacti to the luxurious, durable, vegan material alternative to leather. We offered clients a glimpse into Ohoskin’s vision of a zero-waste, zero-cruelty, carbon-neutral society. Visitors also could discover Ohoskin’s color chart, technical data sheet, texture sample sheet, and the company overview.

Lineapelle was a unique opportunity for both the clients and the startup. Ohoskin had a strong presence in more ways than one:

  • The stand enjoyed significant visibility in the hall.
  • We could create awareness around our innovation and bio-based materials.
  • With an elegant arrangement of fresh oranges and Sicilian cacti, we piqued the interest of many visitors.
  • Upon interacting with the team, the potential clients could embark on their journey with the brand. 

Outakes of our presence at Lineapelle

Entering the world of Ohoskin, visitors discovered a material that offers luxury in every sense. This while achieving a composition of 30% bio-based materials.  

Discovery characterized Lineapelle for both parties. The Ohoskin team had the opportunity to establish a good rapport with new clients and strengthen relationships with existing ones. Whether a brochure, a greater understanding of the alternative material, or inspiration for a new collaboration, everyone had a takeaway from Lineapelle. Until next year!

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