Ohoskin recarbon collaboration

Ohoskin and RECARBON together for an elegant, lightweight, and sustainable material

Ohoskin, an Italian manufacturer of an alternative material to animal leather, and RECARBON, a company that has developed a one-stop solution for the circularity of carbon fiber, have announced a collaboration to create a new material for the automotive, marine, and furniture industries.

The new material, produced by combining Ohoskin’s leather alternative made from orange and cactus byproducts with RECARBON’s recycled carbon fiber, will feature high resistance, lightweight, and sustainability.


“We are excited to collaborate with RECARBON to make this new material,” said Ohoskin COO Stefano Mazzetti. “RECARBON’s recycled carbon fiber is an innovative and sustainable material that fits perfectly with the sustainability values behind our innovative material. Together, we believe we can offer the market a unique and cutting-edge product.”

“The collaboration with Ohoskin is an important step for RECARBON,” said RECARBON CEO Luca Grati. “The material we are developing together can potentially innovate the automotive, marine, and furniture industries. We are convinced that the combination of Ohoskin’s sustainable material and recycled carbon fiber can create an elegant, lightweight, and sustainable product in line with the needs of modern consumers.”

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